Enroll as a Vendor

Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai is a non governmental organization working for women empowerment since 2006. Swayam Stores is a platform created by Swayamsiddha for women engaged in manufacture / selling / trading of garments to sell their garments through our portal. The terms for joining as “Vendor” on Swayam Stores are as under :

  • Eligibility: Only women can enroll as a vendor on Swayam Stores.
  • Membership Fee: A one-time membership fee of Rs. 100/- is required to join Swayamsiddha.
  • Other Charges : To maintain the website and technical costs involved including payment gateway charges, on sale, a charge of 7.5% on Garment Products and 10% on Food & Other Products will be levied only on sale of the uploaded product. The accrued income will be remitted within 24 hours of the completion of delivery (after deducting the abovementioned charges.)
  • Refunds: The seller is responsible for issuing refunds in the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller.
  • Prohibited Products: First copies of products and Khadi products are not allowed to be sold on the platform. Khadi products will not be uploaded or approved on the portal unless the seller provides proof of authenticity.
  • Complaints: A seller will not be allowed to post their products if they have received two or more complaints from buyers.
  • Swayamsiddha’s Rights: Swayamsiddha reserves the right to approve, upload, or reject a seller’s product without providing any reason.
  • Binding Decision: The decision of Swayamsiddha is binding on all parties who agree to join the platform.

For more information, please Call 9029051434.