Terms for Swayam Stores Vendor

The terms and conditions for our Swayam Stores Vendors who are enrolling with us are as under :

  1. Swayam Stores (www.swayamstores.com) is an online asset of Swayamsiddha Foundation. Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai, hereinafter, for the sake of brevity termed as “the organisation’
  2. That the organisation will provide necessary training and inputs to the Vendors.
  3. The organisation or an agency or individual appointed by the organize will have rights to post, edit, moderate and delete the content on the portal www.swayamstores.com
  4. The Vendors will be provided a defined template for posting the products on the portal. If the vendor does not follows the template, the product posted will not be approved.
  5. The Vendor should ensure that the images are matching the actual product described.
  6. The Vendor should ensure that he/she should not use copyrighted images or downloaded images from unauthenticated sources. Any copyright infringement claim over the image / content posted by the vendor will have to be faced by the Vendor. Swayamsiddha Foundation or Swayam Stores will not be responsible for such issues.
  7. If the products of the vendors receive complaints from customers, the products can be withdrawn, without giving any intimation to the vendor.
  8. If a vendor receives bad feedback from customers, the vendorship will be discontinued.
  9. The organisation reserves right to change the rules, template, design of website etc.
  10. The refund if any, should be borne by the Vendor
  11. The vendor will ensure timely delivery of orders. If orders are not delivered in time, the vendorship will be reviewed.
  12. The image / content once posted on the portal, will become the property of the Organization. The vendor will not claim ownership of the same.
  13. Charges : The Vendor Membership fee is not refundable under any circumstances.
  14. Commission : A commission of 7.5% on every sales occurring over the website will be deducted before paying the vendor. The commission can be revised / reviewed on need based basis.
  15. A time frame of 48 to 72 hours needs to be provided to the organization for payment of proceed accrued on sale.
  16. Marketing : Swayamsiddha Foundation or Swayam Stores will advertise the products uploaded on the portal randomly or as per plan on its own network. However, the organization does not takes the responsibility of marketing the products. The charges charged from vendor is for providing them an online platform to post products and not for marketing of products.
  17. Training : The Vendor will have to attend the training sessions conducted online or in classroom mode.
  18. Shipping : On receipt of the order, the customer details will be displayed on the dashboard of the vendor, it will be the responsibility of the vendor to communicate with the customer and ship the product to the customer.
  19. Swayamsiddha Foundation reserves exclusive right to delete the membership of any vendor without assigning any reasons to the Vendor.
  20. Vendor will not vend first copy of any branded product.
  21. Vendor is expected to obtain NOC from the Seller / Manufacturer before uploading the images / content on the portal. If any objections are received later, action will be taken against the erring vendor.
  22. Vendor will not engage into any kind of unethical or immoral business practice.
  23. On joining the portal www.swayamstores.com as a vendor, it will be assumed that the Vendor has read, understood and unconditionally agrees and accepts the above terms & conditions.